2face’s Protest Is a Waste of Time – Blackface

Blackface in the past hours has become the strongest voice campaigning for people to boycott 2face Idibia’s upcoming rally on February 5th.The former music star when asked if the upcoming protest is meaningless said “I think its a waste of time.”

Blackface in the interview with LIB questioned what 2face has done for his state Benue state before leading a nationwide protest. He also questioned if the father of 7 indeed has the interest of people at heart.

He said, “Let me tell you something. Does2face Idibia have a fruitful foundation? No, Does 2face Idibia have anything that has to do with Benue State? No! Let me tell you something now. Emma Ugolee is in the hospital. If somebody is a front runner what is he supposed to do? 2face is supposed to be able to mobilize people to figure out a way to raise money for Ugolee ‘s hospital’s bill. If I want to do that, the radio and TV are not going to listen to me. You guys have to come out straight. I don’t know what will happen after it but we don’t have to do no protest. Let us get our mind straight, they should stop that and stop manipulating people’s mind.”

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