7 things you need to do that will help you When You’re Broke (Photos)

1. Using your toothpaste till the very end…I mean the very end

You know how much toothpaste costs nowadays? My friend cut it open!

2. Using soap till it disappears

If I can see the soap, I don’t need a new bar na.

3. Ironing clothes using boiling water in pots

I can use that money for iron to buy food for 3 weeks.

4. Using an iron to toast bread

I can use it to fry egg too, if you want.

5. Who needs a side-view mirror? Mechanic is expensive nowadays

Because money is just growing out of my ears ba?

6. The dishwashing soap is never empty as long as there’s water

Yes, I know it’s just coloured water at this point but money no dey oga.

7. No dustbin? No problem!

Until they pay my allowance, this stool is my dustbin.

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