7 types of people you must find in a beer parlour (Photos)

And that’s how you will go to the beer parlour to go and take one or two bottles, charge phones, watch match, or to shake off boredom and chill out jejely and you will just meet these ones.

1. The drunkard


Guys like this are first class drunkard. They keep saying rubbish, doing funny things or nodding their heads to the tune of music in a faster way. They are the beer parlour funny men and they tend to make people laugh and there they go again getting free drinks from other customers.

2. The guy with bad breath


This guy’s breath is so bad that when ever he talks, you’d be tempted to ask, ‘who farted’. His breath is so bad it can make you sweat. His breath is so bad it can make you cry. In fact, in some cases, the bad breath contains pepper. Watch out for these guys.

3.The guy that comes there just to watch football


These guys are the ones that know all about football and can almost start up a fight in the beer parlour all in the name of arguing over which team is to play and what time they will play and which player is the best.

4. The debtor


These ones are tagged the “onigbese” as yoruba’s will call it and so you will know them as regular customer in that particular bar because he never comes with money to pay for his drink. He comes with half payment of the money he was owing before and you will see him begging or arguing with the pub owner.

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5. The one with the hot temper


This guy is the fighter of the pub. He gets offended at every little thing you say to him or try to say to him. He can even beat up his girlfriend there. He feels he is right always and tries to pick up a fight with everyone, sometimes beats people up or gets beaten.

6. The guy that just likes you


This one just suddenly likes you and become friends with you. He begins to tell you all about him, and wants you to go home with him, exchanges number and calls you almost every time that he wants to host you.

7. Gangs


If you’re going to a Nigerian pub, you definitely would meet them. They are a group, they are loud and they appear rich because they will order for a lot of things at a time and drinks, like they are drinking water.

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