Makeup-free and lovin’ it! Alicia Keys continues to shine as she stays dedicated to the #NoMakeup movement, but admits her flawless complexion took awhile to achieve.

In an interview with Elle UK (via People), Keys revealed she’s battled years of skincare struggles. “It took me forever to get this skin. I mean, I know how it feels to have a face full of bumps and pimples. I lived through that in the public eye. But when I first got pregnant [with son Egypt, 6] I started to eliminate dairy from my diet and drank a lot more water, which made a huge difference to my skin.”

Many are inspired by Keys and her “crusade” to not wear makeup, but the singer just laughs at that label. “Some have called this a crusade. Well, I died laughing at that. I use to feel the pressure to appear as the music industry expected, but I don’t now.”

In the video below for Elle UK, Keys explains how the women in her life inspired her.