Artist will soon get paid business director of Mixtape factory confirms after a meeting with MD of Coson

Mixtape Factory’s Business Director in person of Mr. Olatunbosun Musa also  known as “Bosun Parrot” met with the General Manager of the foremost Collective Management Organization in Nigeria: COSON ; Mr Angus Chinedu to discuss the modalities and process of  street re-branding project where non-stop mix distribution will be legal.

That is building an industry where royalties will be paid to copyrights owners, licensing bodies, composers, producers and marketers. An inclusive industry where every person in the process of musical works creation are adequately enumerated

The meeting also led to discussion on branding the major non-stop Mixtapes marketers in piracy system for they impacted hugely into the Nigeria Music Industry though through illegal process.  The illegal process will be structured and legalize so they all can benefit from the industry and business as a whole

The Business Director of Mixtape Factory mentioned that the process of music from birth of the idea till it gets published and exploited is a circle chain system and it’s so unfortunate that only certain people go on the award platforms to lift trophy’s and not even the majority distributors.

The Coson MD reiterated that the re-brand project will impact hugely on the  growth of the Africa Music Business landscape and help eliminate piracy along side with the Federal Government and Coson as a body. He also mentioned that copyrights owners consent must be sought and Mixtape Factory is a great project which is part of  what Coson stands for.

All these are what the re branding system is coming to look into when a road side vendor will be on same platform with their favorite artists they added value to it distributions and lift a trophy as well as the marketers many more to come from Coson Anti Piracy Update.

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