Azealia Banks Trolls Hillary Clinton & Celebrates Donald Trump

Azealia Banks performs at Wireless Festival in Birmingham at Perry Park Featuring: Azealia Banks Where: Birmingham, United Kingdom When: 04 Jul 2014 Credit: WENN.com

Azealia Banks is trash… between the bigot remarks, self-hate and skin lightening kits, consistent controversy etc she is the beginning and the end of trash.

Now seeing that she clearly has some undiagnosed mental health problems, makes me want to be a little bit nicer.

It seems that Azealia suffers from a lot more than bipolar disorder. This woman is screaming for help. Not only does she hurl disgusting insults and remarks at others, she’s constantly at the center of some kind of violent altercation.

It also seems like it’s not that she hates white people, she just mad she can’t sit at the table with them. It all sucks because it seems like she had some kind of potential.

Well today people are upset with Banks for mocking Hillary Clinton for her presidential loss. Remember, Azealia did endorse Donald Trump.

Banks even took a shot at Beyonce, Jay Z, and Lebron James when she said Hilary tried to bring out all of the n-ggers and still didn’t win.

All we can do is shake our heads. She needs to be committed!




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