Bobrisky Fulfills His N1M Promise To BBNaija Erica

Bobrisky Fulfills His N1M Promise To BBNaija Erica

Bobrisky Fulfills His N1M Promise To BBNaija Erica

Sincerely, the Bobrisky family need this money the most than someone he’s just knowing in less than 60 days
Nigerians are always misplacing their priority and leave the important issue unattended.

After the disqualification of the ex-BBnaija housemate, Erica, we’ve seen so many promises (audio & video money) the same energy when Tacha got disqualified.

I was shocked and sorry for the nation when I saw the GoFundMe account raises for her.

That’s not even the problem, but my issue is why will Bobrisky send Erica money when his family is still suffering?


Yes, they’re still suffering!

This is a clear picture of Bobrisky’s Family celebrating his dad’s birthday, you can see his papa expression? But we’re not treating that today.

If Bob give this egbon 500k, am very sure he will happy die but he won’t do that. Na people like him/she go talk say “Bro country hard oo me self never chop 🙄🙄

Do you see any sign of Bobrisky’s wealth influencing any of his family pictured above?

It’s no, even the environment looks more like a place in Ikorodu Igbo.

For you to give out someone you don’t know or have a mutual relationship a million naira it means you have worth 100 folds of it.

If that’s the case why don’t you spend your money on fruitful and blissful things? Many of them plenty for this world sha, we called them in Yoruba “Olowo Igbo”.

He just likes to spend money on unnecessary things, that’s how he dashes one guy that crossed from man to woman the sum of 100k.

Do You Think What She Did Was Right?

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