Carnival in Nigeria – Promoting Culture and Tourism

Celebrations are a part of the Nigerian culture, carried out with a lot of pomp and pageantry. Carnivals are a way to display the nation’s rich cultural heritage and the traditions of various ethnic groups in the state. It is a welcomed source of socio-cultural entertainment in Nigeria, one that tourists within and outside Nigeria look forward to enjoying in December.
Carnivals create positive cultural events attractive to tourists that reflect the Nigerian culture and it has increasingly become recognized for its economic impact. Carnival has created jobs and boosted the Nigerian economy by generating revenue for airports, hotels, restaurants, taxis, car rental companies, craft vendors and other businesses, benefited the local populace in the area of sale of goods and services created by visiting tourists.

In Addition, carnivals are driving fast the growth of the creative economy in Nigeria by providing artists with a platform to find audiences, make sales, develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. Artists and creative businesses not only benefit from direct sales but from exporting opportunities, as the carnival platforms can provide international exposure.
These festivals and carnivals feature music, dances, fashion and food, allowing visitors to join in and have a first-hand experience of Nigerian culture.
Carnivals in Nigeria that display the rich culture of her people range from the Calabar Festival that takes place in Cross Rivers State to Carniriv, at the very heart of port-Harcourt, to the Ofala festival in Anambra State, to Idoma International Carnival in Benue State and more.

In conclusion, carnivals sensitize our communities to begin to appreciate our cultural resources while using them to promote culture and tourism in our communities and this provides a positive image for Nigeria within and outside the country, thereby attracting international tourism.
What a beautiful time to be alive, don’t you think? December 2021 is almost here and your holiday would not be complete without a plan to attend a carnival. Mark your calendar and plan to attend Idoma International Carnival 2021 as it is worth it! More details on www.idomacarnivalng.org

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