Did Kanye West Clean House Again?


Kanye West is one interesting fella!

The rapper allegedly threw out all the furniture from he and Kim Kardashian’s new home in Los Angeles all because he didn’t like it.

We could totally see it, as he once clean out Kim K’s entire closet.

You can do what you want when you have money, so Kanye wasn’t worried about throwing out $30K couches.

Ye allegedly decided he hated ALL of the furniture that celebrity interior designer, Sandy Gallin, brought in, and demanded it be returned to the vendors immediately.

Perhaps the two should’ve teamed up before decorating the home. We all know how anal Ye can be.

Apparently the vendors refused to take it back, and Ye allegedly decided to put it all into storage.

Although Gallin has been replaced by interior designer Axel Vervoordt, Kim K is said to be pissed that Kayne is keeping their family from being settled after the robbery incident in Paris.

Yeezy Yeezy…

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