Did Meek Mill Spazz Over Drake When He Should Have Been Making Out With Nicki?


Image result for drake odell beckham gifI don’t know what is wrong with these rappers. They need NOT to be worried about another man. But they are worried about another man. If Nicki Minaj was my girl, I wouldn’t be concerned with anything but making sure her dinner was made, her bathwater was 77.5 degrees and that my tongue game was up to par for her needs. Basically, I’m going to be happy. I definitely ain’t gonna worry about them playing Drake in the club. Guess what? Rumor has it Drake got Meek all mad, according to a report from New York’s Page 6. He was at Odell Beckham, Jr’s party nonetheless! Becky and Drizzy are buddies! Of course they are gonna play Drake! Dude got the biggest chick in the rap game and a hit album….but mad? I’m eating Chef Boyardee for dinner! I should be mad!

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