Did Puffy And The Wolves Push Up On Suge Knight Back In The Day?

Remember when this happened? This was highly representative of Death Row Records’ dominance in the music game,at least figuratively.

“Any artist out there that want to be an artist and stay a star, and don’t have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the record, dancing… come to Death Row!”

But, more importantly, it was Suge calling out Diddy, who was then known as Puff Daddy.

Well, on a recent episode of Drink Champs,Diddy apparently stated that after Suge said that at The Source Awards, him and his wolves PRESSED Suge after he made those remarks and Suge allegedly copped mad pleas. He said that he was really talking about Jermaine Dupri. Real talk, I thought he was talking about JD too until the masses stated that he was talking about Diddy. WOLVES. Nobody wants to speak on this, but Diddy used to run with a pack. Nobody was messing with him, but as we know, we lost two of our best talents.

Check it out.

Suge was just wild back in the day. Peep this!

Image result for suge knight gif

Now, I will say that Suge wasn’t evil. I know far too many people that have good things to say about the Death Row top dog. So, I am not going to demonize him. Lets just say,he imposed his will differently than others like, say, Tommy Mattola.

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