Does John Singleton Approve Of The ‘All Eyez On Me’ Tupac Biopic?


Uh oh! Film director John Singleton is NOT here for the ‘All Eyez On Me’ Tupac biopic.

Singleton is over the film and refuses to even watch the trailers or the film that has now been directed by Benny Boom.

Singleton told HipHopDx,

“I haven’t watched it and I refuse to watch it. I know that they f-cked it up so I’m not even trying to give it any attention.”

Dang, that’s certainly a shot at Benny Boom.

Singleton spoke with civil rights activist Deray McKesson, and gave a bit of insight into why things fell apart with him as a director of the Tupac biopic.

“I didn’t want to make it for many, many years. First of all, people wanted the story to be told, but I was so close to him. I was too close to tell the story of it. You have to remember, at first we had a working relationship and then a brotherhood.I saw other directors come on and something clicked in me saying I wanted to do it. I told the company if y’all m-thaf-ckas want to do this, you gotta get the f-ck out my face and let me do this movie.”

Singleton wanted to make sure the long-awaited Pac biopic did the late rap legend justice.

Singleton stated that Pac’s soul wouldn’t rest unless the film was done right, so he made sure to do the necessary research by talking to everyone who was around Pac.

Singleton expressed that although he wrote a terrific script, people couldn’t take a black man in Hollywood who has an opinion.

When Singleton was involved, he was passionate about not just telling the story of a rapper, but the story of someone who was raised to be a revolutionary.

Do you think Benny Boom has done Pac and the film justice?

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