Dr. Mrs. Eunice Ortom’s Generosity Honored by Barrister Akimbo on His Birthday

In a heartwarming tribute, Barrister Shimael Peter Akimbo expressed profound gratitude and admiration for the unwavering support and generosity extended to him by Dr. Mrs. Eunice Ortom, the esteemed wife of the former Governor of Benue State. Celebrating his birthday on December 26, 2023, Barrister Akimbo conveyed his deep appreciation for the recognition and encouragement received from the revered figure.

“Happy Birthday to Me,” exclaimed Barrister Akimbo, as he recounted the significant impact of Dr. Mrs. Eunice Ortom’s kindness in his life. He articulated how her unparalleled love, attention, and recent gifts, notably a new car among other special packages, have left an indelible mark, making her an irreplaceable and proud elder sister figure to cherish.

“Her uncommon love, attention & gifts (most especially, her recent gifts of a new car among other special packages) proof really to me that she is an irreplaceable proud Elder Sister everyone will wished to have,” Barrister Akimbo expressed in his heartfelt appreciation.

Acknowledging her role in transforming his life, Barrister Akimbo attributed a sense of fulfillment and achievement to the recognition bestowed upon him by Dr. Mrs. Eunice Ortom. He credited her for making life worth living and emphasized his eternal gratitude in glorifying God Almighty for her benevolence.

“On my birthday anniversary today, I wished to say Thank you once again for impacting meaningfully & transforming my life,” Barrister Akimbo conveyed in his message, signifying the depth of his appreciation.

The birthday tribute serves as a testament to the profound impact of Dr. Mrs. Eunice Ortom’s benevolence, portraying her as a figure of immense kindness and generosity, enriching the lives of those around her.

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