EXPOSED! Why Nigerian men will always go after fat ladies (photos)

Fat women will always be attractive to men in this part of the world no matter what you think. This is because men who have played round are over the euphoria of having skinny girls as lovers. 

Read why Nigerian men love fat ladies

Nigerian men have their own reservations when it comes to women; with this, it will be right to say what works for one man may not work for another when it comes to taste. But in considering the reason why a chubby lady will turn heads at a joint, this is relevant.

In Africa, men love dating women who have flesh in the right parts. No one basically wants to get poked with bones while trying to have a cozy time with his woman. Fat women are pleasing to hold and to have. Now that people in this part of the world are conscious of the way they look, being fat does not necessarily represent bloated and out of shape.

There are so many fat women with beautiful shapes and faces. These ladies will make you fall in love over and over with flesh. Check out some of the reasons why fat ladies have remained relevant in the society for Nigerian men:

1. They are pleasant

Read why Nigerian men love fat ladies

For some weird reasons, some skinny girls could be saucy or annoying when compared to fat ladies. The skinny ones feel they are on point and have the ability to make anyone look at them.

Ladies that are fat have come a long way in knowing their bodies and what they represent. They are awesome people who are pleasant and easy to roll with. They smile a lot and will make you have so much fun because they are always themselves.

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2. The big body size is thrilling

Read why Nigerian men love fat ladies

Nigerian men love dating fat ladies because they amuse them in a way. They enjoy having a fleshy and beautiful lady with them all day long.

The presence of ladies like these makes some men feel in control as they know what will be said of a man who has that kind of ‘big fish’.

Men have lots of adventures with women who are fat, resting on them is not such a bad thing as the flesh on their body is seen as a cushion.

3. The S3@.x:’ is awesome

Read why Nigerian men love fat ladies

Some men’s thoughts when it comes to getting down with skinny ladies are off-hook. Why on earth will they be willing to sleep with a woman who is all sticks and bones?

Some mistake the bones of their skinny partners with bed poles. But with the fat ladies, S3@.x:’ has a new meaning. Men enjoy groping and having their hands full while sleeping with their partners.

Women that are fat get wet easily and S3@.x:’ with them is everything but boring. Although fatigue is something you may have to deal with while with them, the ladies are flexible and ready to adjust to the men’s rhythm.


4. Fat girls are homely

Read why Nigerian men love fat ladies

There is something beautiful about hanging out with fat ladies, they are homely and loving. Most men feel comfortable being with them and are assured they will make good wives and wonderful mothers.

Nigerian men enjoy being with women that have soft bodies and warm attitude. Now that you know some of these interesting facts about fat ladies, do not zero your mind about them

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