Heealthy removes all barriers of Medical Tourism to India for Nigerians

Bad communication is one of the biggest barriers during the interview with the doctors or the hospital staff, the patient and his family may have some difficulty understanding the medical terminology during the process of communication used by the professionals. The forms and documents required to be signed usually have some kind of technical terminology unusual to their daily lives. Although it is easier to ignore or minimize the level of the patient understanding, Heealthy staff notices and makes sure that the importance is clearly stated and understood by the patients and what some
words mean and the implications of the signature on each document presented to the patient or his legal representative.

A study conducted by Heealthy Market Research team in Nigeria states that in 2016 , 3 million Nigerian adults have a level of understanding of health terms classified as basic or below basic, and that 94% of adults are not familiar with the most common terms related to health. The cost of problems resulting from this deficiency has been estimated for the Nigerian healthcare system as approximately $ 1 billion, and for the economy as a whole the estimate was between $ 2 and $ 4.5 billion annually. Heealthy team makes sure that a Heealthy patient is not suffering because of non-understanding of the health terms.

Many professionals like to use a technical language daily, and are sometimes derided by their colleagues when they are too clear with
patients, or even reprimanded by professors in medical schools when do not use technical language knowledge. However, the overly technical language creates a barrier between the practitioner and the patient, one imagines
that transmitted the information and the other tries to decipher what was said. Normally, after seeking clarification two or three times the patient feels embarrassed to question what is being said. Sometimes the practitioner try to explain again and again, but always using technical terminology not contributing to the prior explanation and still expressing anxiety as the patient and family seems to be suspicious or do not trust in its technical capacity. Heealthy trains the hospital staff, practitioners, lab and pharmacy people to make sure their patients understand everything they have to say. Heealthy also provides a quality score to all
practitioners bases on this trait. Apart from this Heealthy staff accompanies the patient to all medical locations so that it never happens
that a patient is kept unclear about his condition and treatment.

It is up to the professional to identify the need of understanding or the level of literacy of the client, even if he tries hard not to show his difficulty, this task is part of the professional role during the initial evaluation. To ask the patient if he/she understood the information or orientation transmitted usually leads to a positive response because many shall fear of pass themselves as illiterate or ignorant. Heealthy has developed a very efficient technique to evaluate the level of understanding that can be used as the known “teach back” process, asking to the patient
to demonstrate or to explain in their own words what was told or taught. It is an action that takes time, but is highly effective to ensure that
mistakes and failures do not occur in the future.

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