Here’s How You Can Make Legit Money In Dollars During This Lockdown

Yes! it is true this lockdown has come to stay 😢

Also true that people are losing their sources of income but do you know what else is true, the naira is about to fall to unprecedented lows; last time I checked, it was 501 naira from 365 naira just months ago.

The smart thing to do is invest your money in dollars, why?

Imagine you had $1000 in January, that was 365,000 naira, and right now (even without interest), it is now over 500,000 naira, That’s over 135,000 gain in just 2 months.

So how do you get the very scarce dollars in this economic meltdown?

Well, I know of at least 3 apps (that can be found in the play store and AppStore) that can help you do that.

Let’s take it one by one…

1. PIGGYVEST (formerly Piggybank)

Many of us know Piggyvest already, that app that lets you automatically save money but what most people don’t know is the FLEX DOLLAR feature.

You can actually save and receive interest in dollars, Yes!

So how do you get started?

  1. Click on  to register

  2. Download and Login into the app from your favourite app store

  3. Click on savings and select flex dollar and you are on your way to saving in dollars.


What’s even more profitable than saving in dollars? It is saving in BTC (Bitcoin).

Everyone knows how tedious it is first converting the naira you have to dollars then buying BTC but this particular app makes it easy to buy BTC with your naira. Not only BTC but most major coin offers.

So how do you get started on Luno?

  1. Download the LUNO APP and register DOWNLOAD APP HERE

  2. Go to rewards and click on enter a code

  3. Enter the code RX7UBA to get 250naira worth of BTC to get you started.

Now you are set to buy BTC and ETH from inside the app. Deposit and withdrawal is fast and reliable.

The End!

So, what are you waiting for?

Start trading, investing and saving in dollars today!

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