Injustice: Unlawful arrest of Benue model’s by the Nigerian police 

This is a desperate situation and I just woke up to see it.

Sildek Asev is a renowned Benue fashion designer that works with an army of models.

The last casting call I remember him making was for Models needed for a street shoot (am not sure if it’s this one).

Please for the sake of the photographer and the innocent models please lets help get this situation to the appropriate quarters and fast too.

This was a Photoshoot in the daytime for crying out loud.

(I stand to be corrected) but with the limited information I’ve got about this situation, THIS IS SAD. Let not another John Inas kind of case come out of this.

According to Sildek The photographer has a wedding to cover today and the UAM students involved in the shoots have exams ongoing.

This was his post on facebook 

The Nigerian About early hours of today Feel like I am a murderer right now. Most of the members of the team for our UNDER-SIEGE COLLECTION shoot: the photographer, models, makeup artist, fellow designer… were arrested by the police (E Division, Akpehe) as directed by the bsu security. Reason been that we were shootin without permission. Even wen they saw everything, they still insisted and called the police tagging us suspects… I already told them I wasnt in a know that as a student you need take permission to snap, so let me follow them to their office and  write and sign, so we continue. Only for them to report to their ogas that they found us wanting, so they need police. For goodness sake we were shooting in an open place! BSU round about and technical school wher they fix cars…. for those who are students of BSU in the team , they asked us to comeback on monday to face the panel…. I wonder how people take advantage of  situation and use it to shine…. I cant write much in details right now as an issue of 2pm, am just reaching home. Some of them are U.A students writing Exams…. the photographer is 2 cover wedding tomorrow. God! I help help.

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