Interview with owner of Eone Records Ethrice Ekpen

Ethrice Ekpen name is associated with a long list of the who’s who in the Nigerian music business. This interview provides a ton of great insight for bands that are trying to make a career in music, as well as for those who are simply interested in learning more about the business.

We want to thank Ethrice Ekpen once again for taking the time to answer our questions.

How did you get started in the entertainment business?
It all started as a dance group 2006 in the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Later went into artiste management and fully into a record label.
How has your unique approach to E1 Records made it such a successful label?
Eone Records is quiet different because we make stars and we not just into making hits(songs) for people to dance to; the content is very important to us. That’s why we start by developing our artiste(s) to be mentally and physically ready for the task ahead of them and also make sure they are financially educated.
With the power of the internet, home studios, online marketing, social networking and digital downloads, where does a bands live performance stand in their overall success?
They have already stands the test of time because they are quiet different from all you mentioned… Live band is unique and got its own feel of professionalism but believe me not many of the A-List artiste(s) can perform with live bands.
How do you find out about new up and coming artists?
We always watching out for potential talents on social media, bars, clubs, true recommendation and we also do talent hunt.
Are they any specific online music resources that you think artists should know about or be a part of?
As an artiste willing to go far in music career, you need to be very active in social media to build a fan base especially instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tango and so many others…
At what stage in an artist’s career does approaching a label makes sense?
See I always tell them that Eone is ready to invest on someone that haven’t invested on his or herself. What do I mean by that, on a daily basis I receive emails, messages on Facebook, instagram, twitter and even test messages on my phones from artistes wanting to be part of Eone Records and when you ask for their work some of them will start sending you audio and video of them singing. If you believe in your dream you have to at least start by recording even if it’s just a track, so you have something to show that you can do it.
What are some of the ways that bands have got your attention recently ?
Originality… There are too many copycats in this industry so when I see that uniqueness and originality in a band, I get so attracted to such.
What should a band not do if they want to work with someone like you?
Copy other artistes style
Where does a label and it’s artists largest stream of revenue comes from in today’s music industry?
You want to cause trouble abi lol… Anyway in entertainment everything brings in money depend on what you capitalised on as a label.
What sort of changes do you foresee in the business of music in the coming years?
Going to be highly competitive and people without talents but that got money will flood the industry making things difficult for the up and coming artistes to be heard. Basically Africa is sure going to be the future of music if we put in all we got.
What does your daily schedule looks like? Maybe people will get an idea of how busy you are
Crazy! I wake up everyday with my work schedule for the day but believe me a whole lot happens that you had to leave your plans for the day behind and focus on them. Now as a father and a husband, family is on the other side needing my love, attention and time. I must confess it’s really not easy haven’t to travel always, series of meetings upon meetings and making sure your artistes and fans are not left out
Are you looking for new artist?
Of course we always looking for new artists that got what it takes to be part of Eone Records
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