Macossa Awards – Voting


The voting for the upcoming Macossa Dinner & Award Night has officially begun! This is your chance to support your favorites and make your voice heard.

Every vote counts, and this year, we’ve introduced a new system: votes are monetized at N50 each. You have the flexibility to cast multiple votes, supporting your preferred nominees as many times as you’d like.

To vote simply click on the category of your preferred candidate.

Remember, the voting period extends until December 31st, 2023, so make sure your favorites take the lead before the deadline.

Academic Excellence Award CLICK TO VOTE

 Adikpe Daniel VOTE

Atama Josephine VOTE

Bryan Ula VOTE

Comfort Apeh VOTE

Gabriel Omale VOTE

Ikwuje Helen VOTE

Ochai Godwin Isaac VOTE

Onyinye Muoneke VOTE

Peter Ochigbo VOTE

Splendour Samuel VOTE

Zoey Agule VOTE


 Leadership and Service Award CLICK TO VOTE

Joseph Ikyobo VOTE

Ulian Fred VOTE


Outstanding Student Athlete Award CLICK TO VOTE

 Adoyi Emmanuel Ngbede (Paparazzi) VOTE

Efugoga Abraham (wonglee)VOTE

Gabriel Sunday VOTE

Gbenda Gabriel Sughter VOTE

Magdalene Imbassey kagye (Cardi) VOTE

Michael Iyaji (B-Diamond) VOTE

Philip Adan (N’golo Kante) VOTE


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award CLICK TO VOTE

Abah Jennifer VOTE

Abah Irene (Pepper meat vendor) VOTE

Adoo Jessica (Empress) VOTE

Anncarmen dooshima VOTE

Ene Regina John VOTE

Gbenda Gabriel VOTE

Hyongo lucy iwanger VOTE

Ikyobo Joseph (Freesami Media) VOTE

Lois Imoter VOTE

Mary Amali (Marylyn stitches) VOTE

Mercy Demekaa VOTE

Mimi Paul  (Deliciosa) VOTE

Mercy Ikwuje Ochanya VOTE

Goodness Adeyi (tee’s creation) VOTE

Joseph Linus VOTE

Priscilla Kpam VOTE

Zoey Doowuese Agule VOTE

Best Dressed (Male) CLICK TO VOTE

 Ayomikun Godwin Agada (Excel) VOTE

Achilaka Samuel VOTE

Ayo Ken VOTE

David Iorliam (J Boy) VOTE

Eric Mani VOTE

Enyikpo Santos VOTE

Gilbert Enyi VOTE

Ikyobo Joseph VOTE

Kula George VOTE

Lucky owopele (Lk) VOTE

Odeh Victor VOTE

Wuese lubem Reuben (Mr macosa) VOTE


Best Dressed (Female) CLICK TO VOTE

 Joy Akumba VOTE

Winifred Ikyuior VOTE

Diana David VOTE

Naomi Ayuba VOTE

Eru happiness VOTE

Ameh Agnes Ochanya VOTE

Emaikwu Comfort (Commy Achiever) VOTE

Faith Elijah (Coco) VOTE

Mary Jane VOTE

Niceforth adole VOTE

Faith Agbiti (Nova) VOTE

Agyo Mercy (Blackgurl Mercy) VOTE

Ojochide Agnes (peace) VOTE

Ameh Ene Agnes VOTE

Jessica Tsegba Adoo (Empress) VOTE

Momoh Grace VOTE

Efosa Osazuwa VOTE

Terna Sally VOTE

Regina John VOTE

Splendour Samuel VOTE


Student Lecturer of the year CLICK TO VOTE

Dr Benjamin Ogbu VOTE

Dr Degarr VOTE

Dr Grace VOTE

John Ogi VOTE

Prof Kombol VOTE

Dr Kevin Alom VOTE

Dr Onyilo VOTE

Prof. Rodney ciboh VOTE

Samuel Dogo VOTE

Victor Unongwu VOTE


Most social student of the year (Male) CLICK TO VOTE

Adoyi Emmanuel Ngbede (Paparazzi) VOTE

Devine Omahi (Sly) VOTE

Atim Fredrick (Freddie) VOTE

Gabriel Gbenda VOTE

Ioryisa Godwin (Sage) VOTE

Isaac Ochai (Elder 101) VOTE

Joseph Ikyobo VOTE

Kula George VOTE

Sunday Terungwa (88) VOTE


Most social student of the year (Female) CLICK TO VOTE

Adoo Jessica (Empress) VOTE

Adia Patience VOTE

Doosuur Naomi VOTE

Kpam Priscilla VOTE

Mary Amali VOTE

Mercy Atser VOTE

Rita Omaji VOTE

Sini Endurance VOTE

Terhemba maryann VOTE

Victoria Misan Ogenyi VOTE

Abah Jennifer VOTE

Tessy Adoga (Tessy sings) VOTE

Splendour Samuel VOTE


Most influential student/comrade CLICK TO VOTE

Agi Thomas (Thompson) VOTE

Gabriel Gbenda VOTE

Joseph Ikyobo VOTE

Ochai Isaac (elder101) VOTE

Uliam Fred VOTE

Vincent Ndubisi VOTE


Content creator of the year CLICK TO VOTE

 Robinson Gladys VOTE

Ochai Godwin Isaac VOTE

Dyegeh Rejoice VOTE

Rita Omaji VOTE

Jessica Adoo (Empress) VOTE

Fredi Atime VOTE

Mercy Ayashagba VOTE

Muoneke onyinyechi VOTE

Comfort Emmanuel VOTE


Outstanding group leader (Male) CLICK TO VOTE

Daniel Adikpe VOTE

Gilbert Enyi VOTE

Ayomikun Godwin Agada VOTE

Michael Iyaji VOTE

Avaungwa Shadrach VOTE

Ogede Godswill (Milez) VOTE

Peter Ochigbo VOTE

John Chinerem (Flourish) VOTE

Outstanding group leader (Female) CLICK TO VOTE

 Aaakaa Esther VOTE

Agule zoey VOTE

Atama Josephine VOTE

Dooshima Anncamern Ordughga VOTE

Ene Samuel (Splendour) VOTE

Ikwuje mercy ochanya VOTE

Joshua Grace VOTE

Jennifer Abah VOTE

John Regina VOTE

Mercy Atser VOTE

Onaji Grace VOTE

Ogbu Esther VOTE

Sharon ameh VOTE

Terhemba Mary shipinen VOTE

Humanitarian / selfless Comrade of the year CLICK TO VOTE

Divine Omahi (Sly) VOTE

Dennis Shakpe VOTE

Edwin Anthony (Elder Tony) VOTE

Happiness Eru VOTE

Gbenda Gabriel VOTE

Joseph Ikyobo VOTE

Jennifer Abah VOTE

Ken Ayo VOTE

Ulian Fred VOTE


MC of The year CLICK TO VOTE

David Anyebe (Mc Drumz)


Artist of the year  CLICK TO VOTE

Benjamin Ejembi (X-Ben) VOTE

Emmanuel Jude Edache (Boi Praiz) VOTE

Michael Iyaji (B-Diamond) VOTE

Tessy Adoga (Tessy Sings) VOTE

Writer of the year CLICK TO VOTE

 Apeh Comfort VOTE

Samuel Ene Hannah (Splendor) VOTE

Joseph Emmanuel VOTE

Kuhe Albert VOTE

Mercy Atser VOTE

Offor Chika Maryjane (MJ) VOTE

Takera Aondaver Rodgers VOTE

Ula Bryan VOTE

Victor Itodo Abuh VOTE

Joseph Ikyobo is a Nigerian blogger/ Entrepreneur ,He’s versatility gave him the title social media gangster. He’s a the founder of Freesami Media

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