Mark D Ball: Abounu Admits Role In Suspension Of 2016 Fiesta


Mark D Ball: Abounu Admits Role in Suspension of 2016 Fiesta

Organizers of Mark D Ball Annual Tournament yesterday reviewed the reaction of the Benue State Deputy Governor  Benson Abounu, on the suspension of this year’s Mark D Ball Fiesta and submitted that he (Abounu) has admitted he is the mastermind of the court action taken against the tournament.

Ordinarily, one would not elevate the infantile and distorted reasoning of the Deputy Governor of Benue state Mr. Benson Abounu with a response but for the need to make the public aware of his antics.

Recall that on Tuesday, the Mark Sports Foundation through the facilitator of the Annual Mark D ball tournament, Igoche Mark, addressed a press conference to announce the set back of the fiesta this year on account of a Benue state High Court injunction restraining the organizers from hosting the tournament at Otukpo Club 45.

Igoche Mark did not mince words when  he stated that as law abiding citizens, the organizers of the Mark D ball tournament have put the event on hold until all the court processes are exhausted.

He however regretted the huge loss on account of the enormous preparations ahead of the tournament to include but not limited to monetary loss, hotel reservations, logistics as well as Socio -Economic  benefits to the host people of Benue state and environs.

Igoche Mark  therefore assured of permanent facilities in subsequent editions that would not be encumbered by unnecessary political or legal bickering.

For the avoidance of doubt, there was nowhere in the course of the press conference that Benson Abounu or any other member of Benue State government was mentioned.

So, for Benson Abounu to rise in defence of the court action and stand up to deny any hand in the orchestrated plot to stop the hosting of Mark D ball  tournament speaks volume.

Is it not strange that the best Abounu or the state government can do in this circumstance is to mumble an inaudible denial of not backing the action of the person who went to court? When did the members of the Otukpo Club Trustees meet to initiate  the action against Mark D Ball Tournament?

It is also unfortunate that Abounu alleged that the reason for the inability to host this year’s edition of Mark D ball is because of paucity of funds  and corporate sponsorship . What a cheap blackmail. It is instructive to note that the 2015 edition which was the best in the series was organized at a time our sponsor Senator David Mark election was annulled. He was neither in the Senate nor was he in government then. Yet , the 2015 edition was a huge success.

By now the crystal balls are now clear where the forces against Mark D Ball is coming from.

One would expect that any one who claims to love his people would support the promotion of sports and other recreational activities for the people especially the youths this Yuletide and not to work  hard to stop the only sports and entertainment programme for the people without providing alternative.


Our consolation is that Nigerians and indeed the people of Benue state now know their true friend.

We can assure our people that better days are ahead.

Signed :

Comrade James Oche

For Mark sports Foundation.

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