Mark D’Ball Hon. Igoche Mark through a press statement on tuesday announced the comeback of the annual event, fans of the Basketball and entertainment fiesta did not hide their joy as they took to their social media handles to express their profound excitement and readiness to participate. Hon Igoche through the 12 paragraphs Press statement declared to the world that this year’s event shall increase the capacity of the Children clinic from 500 to 1000.

He also said that this year’s event shall seek to unite people most especially families by encouraging the parents of the participants to bring their ward themselves, in a clear bid to create an atmosphere of decent family time and leisure. The organisers shall also stage many lively and interesting programs for the parents of the 1000 kids that shall partake in the Children clinic.

The Children clinic from the inception was envisaged by the organisers of Mark D’Ball to be a campaign for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2, which advocates for Universal Basic Education. Mark D’Ball over the years has trained a record 10,000 Children in her Children clinic, making it the biggest promoter of basket ball in Africa. It’s ideology not to leave the Children out of these basketball excitement is directly in line with Abraham Lincoln ‘s philosophy when he said “the best way to predict the future is to create it”.

The Children clinic has created a solid foundation for intending basketballers to develop their talent in the best State of the Art facilities so as to cushion the usual social imbalances of leaving children out. In fact more Children participate directly in Mark D’Ball. The host community stands as the biggest beneficiary as the Organisers of Mark D’Ball has promised to make “The Arena ” open after the event for young Basketballers within Otukpo to use from time to time.

At Mark D’Ball the believe is simple; the soul of any institution, Country, Society or Organization depends on her ability to educate her Younger ones to continue the legacy. The Children Clinic is indeed a deliberate effort to grow more talents, bring Families together and to sustain a lifetime platform for a career in the sport. At the end of the 2017 Edition of the Mark D’Ball it should have trained 11,000 Children in a record that stands tall in the whole of Africa

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