Meet Omotola, the Nigerian graduate who is now a shoemaker (photos)


If you are observant with the trend of things in the society, you will agree that necessity is the mother of invention. Many Nigerians live their daily lives settling for less and reasoning along the lines of their comfort zones.

Meet Nigerian graduate that has become a shoemaker

Some of these people are oblivious of the fact that they have some abilities in them and are capable of being a galaxy of success if only they could bring out the stars in them.

The same unemployment rate that has led many Nigerians into the web of robbing, duping and considering money rituals have led some to the shores of discovery. Some people get to know of their innate abilities when they are in dire need or faced with serious challenges in life.

Although poverty is no man’s friend, the moment one starts to think of the implications of living an impoverished life, the faster he will be jolted to reality and encouraged to take bigger risks in life.

Nigerian graduates have been challenging themselves by growing in this period of recession and leaving the government to deal with bigger problems. Being unemployed could be devastating no matter the support you get from loved ones.

Omotola Oluwatosin is a graduate of Biology from Ekiti State University; the young lady has decided to find do something worthwhile with her time instead of joining millions of youths on the street to chant the unemployment hymn.

Meet Nigerian graduate that has become a shoemaker

Ordinarily, one would expect this biologist to pe into her field and do something in the line of science. Instead, Oluwatosin thought of the need of the society and has acted on it by becoming a shoemaker.

Being a shoemaker requires a lot of creativity as you will have to bring up original ideas in order to stand out in the society. She does not mind getting dirty while making the shoes as she is passionate about what she does.

Meet Nigerian graduate that has become a shoemaker

Nigerian youths are finally getting to know that being a graduate is not enough, you need to learn a trade to be able to stand out in the society. Colleges and tertiary institutions are starting to include skill acquisition in their schemes. Youths who are insightful can make the most out of the opportunity by doing something different.

Recall that we shared the testimony of Aishat, another lady who has decided to learn the art of shoemaking some weeks ago. Being a graduate may not guarantee one’s success in the society, doing something worthwhile with your time will.

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