MI is Mad 90% of chairman album is afro pop- Wolfy

After the recent single you rappers should fix up yourself which has really been gaining controversy in the entertainment industry, Blaqbonez gave M.I and Epic reply, this time it’s from fast rising Rapper Wolfy, here’s his view

I can’t really say I’m amazed at M. I’s latest Jam “You Rappers should fix up your life“. M. I has been my mentor since day one, but some of the things he said in this song made me wonder if maybe he was sleep writing on d lyrics…. How would someone who’s gone this long know what rappers in this country have been through trying to keep the real hiphop culture fresh. O. K,  this particular line caught my attention, he said “Rappers are singing to get popular”, M. I why? Have you forgotten “The Chairman” album? 80 to 90% of it was afro pop..  Sorry did you do all those songs to get popular? Nooo..  I’m sure you did it so your album would sale… because take it or live it, Nigerians this days prefer Afro pop to Rap, they prefer hearing a banging party jam with no good content than listening to pure rap, and I’m sure you know that too. Now lets get back to M. I’s song, he said rappers are under performing…  Let me ask you this question M. I, When last did you take your time to discover new rappers from the underground? Yes M. I changed Blaq bone’s life even without signing him, but I’m sure he’s not the only under ground rapper good enough for you. Take a look at chocolate city now and tell me if M. I did this song for all the rappers in Nigeria or maybe he’s talking to himself and his team. Ice prince stopped rap since before he left choc city, Jesse jagz is one of the best rappers Nigeria’s ever got, but he even sings reggae now.  Now why would you go on comparing Nigerian rappers to the south African rappers? South Africans appreciate Rap music unlike Nigerians, can you compare yourself, Mode9, Terry the rapman, Rugged man and the rest of the rap legends to the likes of Tuface, Wizkid, davido or even tekno? No you can’t, and it’s because there kinda music is what flows in Nigeria.  See one thing you need to know is, you can’t really advice someone’s wife When you don’t even have control over yours… And if i had known better I’d have said you dropped all this lines to gain that attention you lost long ago….

In conclusion i just want to say fix up your life M. I before shooting all this rubber bullets at hounds that have been hungry for long




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