Nigerian Lady Converts Muslim Uber Driver To Christ

People are of the opinion that why did she have to convert him when he already had a religion ? – someone said, it was as though she converted him to serve another God.

Some other Muslims gave the statement of how there really is Jesus in the Quran… but as a prophet and not as a God. This caused a stir among them as they queried Caramella over her actions.

“So I led my Muslim cab driver to Christ yesterday and it was the most amazing experience ☺️ He said he is going to come to church on Sunday and even wants to help to build the church! God is incredible”, she started off her tweets.

“There are so many lost souls out there that are just waiting for somebody to be bold enough to tell them the truth”

“My Christian brothers and sisters we need to step up!! What else are we on this earth for?!”

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