Nigerians reacts to Buhari’s absence at Benue mass burial

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday came under attack for over his failure to attend the mass burial for the victims of the Benue herdsmen killings.

President Buhari on Thursday shared a post on his official twitter page congratulating the winner of his 2017 greeting card competition.

Buhari wrote “Let me specially thank @Michael_CXT, whose submission inspired the final design of my 2017 Season’s Greetings Card. He won the open competition @NGRPresident organized to design the Card. I congratulate him, and wish him the best in his future endeavour.”

This did not go down well with Nigerians as some attacked the president for prioritising trivial matter, while Nigerians were being slaughtered.

Although some applauded him for recognising the talent in the designer of the card, other said it was a wrong day for such publication.

@alokoayo “Mr. President you should have been in Benue for the burial. You should grieve with and console us all.

@gracestober “President Mohammadu Buhari these people are being buried because the security architecture on your watch has failed and keeps failing. Nigeria cannot afford more burials!

@Vemento “This guy is epic, people are dying and you’re commenting about 2017 greetings card. What did we do to deserve this level on insensitivity.

@defendnaija “What are you foolish Nigerians loving about this greetings card when this heartless @MBuhari doesn’t care about innocent people killed by His Fulani Herdsmen.

Until we stop displaying this emotional fake love 4 these heartless politicians,Nigeria will not experience a meaningful chang

@muchomanny “Let me specially tell my fellow Nigerians that the sooner you all start accepting that we don’t have a president, the less disappointed you will feel by this man’s inaction.

@olumadewa “Very insensitive human being.. On the day 73 Nigerian citizens are buried due to your government failure to secure lives and properties of its citizens. Shame on you Buhari

@cece4real “You are so callous with dead conscience. Scores of your citizens you vowed to protect are being buried in Benue today, but you are here displaying greetings card

@odunladeadesola “You are simply not serious sir. With the level of problems in his country you are here talking about greeting cards.

@essangrolland “This man is insensitive of the plight of Nigerians old cargo. We’re morning u are talking about greeting cards.

@stillendy “Mr President our people are dying. Perhaps we shouldn’t be talking about greeting cards at this time. We mourn..

@karenblack 2019, we’ll send you a goodbye greeting card. You are a cataclysmic failure Mr. President, an embarrassment to Nigeria, a shame to presidents world wide.

@gerizued “Greeting card my foot.. when IPOB Make small noise youll deploy the whole Army, Navy and airforce.. but Herdsmen are butchering humans like chicken and you’re here talking about greeting card… Continue… There’s God

@metuie “Mr President @MBuhari this is the height of insensitivity. What goes around comes around don’t forget.

@luwyzaina “Congrats to him. But please mr president end the #herdsmen menace thanks.

Wow, the card is so good and beautiful. That’s a good one @Michael_CXT

@anthonhy Congrats @Michael_CXT I remember how you hustled real hard in Funaab. God has started unveiling you to greatness.

@phateye Hopefully, the murderous herdsmen menace will be tackled so people can live in peace. May the souls of the dead find eternal rest. PMB is the best we have had in a long time. May he complete two terms in good health.

@daniel “Very encouraging… But kindly have him @Michael_CXT in your team… I guess he can do more graphic wonders 4 you Sir..

@herbyb “I have so much believed in you while we were in the university, your simple touch for graphic designs as brought you to this stage.I celebrate you my brother and I’m happy to have worked with you while I was the Students Union Gen.sec. Funaab is proud of you.

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