Not So Fast Rozay! Game’s Manager Says Beef With Meek Remains!


We thought the beef was over with Game and Meek. Not so fast, guys! Wack 100 is saying that its not real, this peace thing. He says its still on and poppin’! and they wanna beat Meek up still!



What is going on? The beef stays cooking in Hip-Hop. It seems like The Game and Wack 100 are also often out of synch. Like that time Adrien Broner was “suicidal” and Wack told him to kill himself. And then, The Game was chillin’ with the boxer that next day or so.

And what are these issues Rozay has in Miami? Wack is crazy! #bool

I know The Game wants peace, Meek wants peace and now Ross wants peace. Wack wants a fade. I imagine Ross is like:


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