Oh dear! Drama as!tute Ties Soldier Up and Beat him Mercilessly (Photos)

yeukai-2A hooker and her colleagues tied up and assaulted a client believed to be a soldier after they extorted him of his money last week.

According to H-Metro, Yeukai Tsandukwa popularly known in the Avenues as ‘Chemukaka’ was hired by the unidentified soldier for S3@.x:’ and later took his clothes after S3@.x:’ and got away with US$250.

The unidentified soldier wrestled with Yeukai forcing her colleagues to intervene and tie the soldier’s hands before assaulting him and dragging him from the apartment to dump him along Samora Machel

Yeukai is now under fire from other hookers wanting her to leave the ‘old profession’. They accused her of scaring away their potential clients.

“Yeukai is now a disgrace, all our clients are now afraid of being extorted and this is forcing us to relocate from Ledo Court since she is doing this to all her clients,” said one of the disgruntled hookers.

“She uses charms to lure clients with cash, varume varikuchema vashoma npo vanozomurova but she brags that she will never be jailed since she uses charms.

“Yeukai is no longer appealing to men for S3@.x:’ and only those who are drunk hire her but she uses young ladies accommodated at her apartments at Ledo Court and Trekkeral Court to lure men.

“Every client that hires the ladies will be extorted by Yeukai and that is how she is surviving, she is now a disgrace since most of us are taking our children to school from money realized through prostitution.

“Not all of us extort clients but what Yeukai is doing is bad especially that soldier they assaulted after tying him and dragging him to Samora Machel Avenue.

“She quickly reported the case to one of the ZNA members after he started vomiting blood and was taken to Parirenyatwa.

“Reports are that the soldier escaped from the hospital to avoid punishment from his superiors but we strongly suspect that he might die if he does not get medication, akarohwa zvisingaite iwe,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Yeukai confirmed the incident promising to furnish H-Metro when she get settled.

“Unofunga ndingafarire kutaura nyaya yakaipa kudaro woenda wonozvinyora mupepa,” said Yeukai.
“Try to call me sometime later after I get settled, it is so disturbing,” she added.


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