Rapper Ralo Throws $30K On Homeless People In Atlanta (POLL)


Atlanta rapper Ralo is being criticized after he posted a video of himself making it rain thousands of dollars – on homeless people.

Ralo, born Terrel Davis, posted the clips to his Instagram page earlier this week, using the hashtag “RALOHOMELESSCHALLENGE.

“F##k going to the strip club, all the n###as wit money let’s go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people,” Ralo wrote on the post.

All told, Ralo supposedly tossed almost $30,000 to the eager street people, which cause a ruckus amongst those gathered to scoop up the cash.

“They forgot their food, they got plates in their hands and everything,” said one man who laughed heartily as the money flew.

Users on Instagram flooded Ralo’s page with negative comments.

“Very sad. The thought was great. But you truly treated them did respectfully like animals like they get treated daily by others on the street,” one user wrote. “Very nice but done very distastefully… And why post it?? You got the attention you wanted.”

“This is some of the most degrading self serving behavior I have ever seen,” snapped another user. “It’s inhumane and vile to treat other people like this and then have the audacity to call it charity work.”

Take a look a judge for yourself:

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