Reason’s why wack artist keep dominating the music scene – by Ikyobo Joseph (Jaydiz) 


Have you all considered or thought why wack artist keep paving way in the music industry and probably attaining limelight? The reason can only be attributed to their drive in pushing their Brand, wack artist always have this zeal to be heard even if it’s something not worth listening to. I have come across numerous wack artist who invest heavily in their musical carrier and use positive drive in pushing their works. The result is what we call or consider an over hyped work which eventually turns out bad. The main thing is y’all listened to the the wack sound neglecting the fact that the same energy drive imputed by the artist can push him to stardom, a critical example of Nigerians Vic o, Speed darlighton a.k.a The Energy god they all release wack sounds but they are all sourt by numerous fan’s.

The ones who know the basic rudiments of what it takes to do music feel reluctant in pushing their works out they have this ideology that their work speaks for them Nah!!!  Not again.

If you don’t push your works out your good sounds will end up in the circle of your close friends while wack artist keep dominating the scene.

Fix up your life.

Written by Ikyobo Joseph (Jaydiz)

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