Scoops Cafe Coming to Gboko: Get Ready for Tasty Treats!

Exciting news for food lovers in Benue State! Scoops, the popular restaurant known for its delicious shawarma and creative menu, is preparing to open a new shop in Gboko. This upcoming launch is another big step in Scoops’ growth across Nigeria.


After successful openings in Abuja in 2022 and Makurdi in 2023, Scoops is now set to bring its yummy food to Gboko. The new shop will offer all the great tastes Scoops is famous for, plus some new features to make eating more convenient and enjoyable.


What to Expect at Scoops Gboko:


  1. Online Ordering: You’ll be able to order Scoops food from your phone or computer.

  2. Home Delivery: Get Scoops food brought to your house or office.

  3. Scoops Deluxe Menu: Bigger meals with premium ingredients, including a special big shawarma!


Philip Okoye, the boss of Scoops, says, “We’re excited to bring Scoops to Gboko soon. Despite the tough economy, we want to give our customers good food at fair prices. We’re working on new ideas to make sure everyone can enjoy our food, whether they want something affordable or something fancy.”


The new Scoops in Gboko is scheduled to open on July 15, 2024. It’s part of Scoops’ big plan to have over 200 shops all over Nigeria by 2030.


Here’s a sneak peek at some menu items and their expected starting prices:


  1. Shawarma from N2,000

  2. Rice from N1,000

  3. Pizza from N5,000

  4. Burger from N2,500

  5. Meat (Chicken, Beef, Goat, Fish etc) from N1,000

  6. Milkshake from N3,000

  7. Noodles from N1,000

  8. And plenty more!


Get ready, Gboko! Scoops Cafe is coming soon – where good food meets great service. Mark your calendars for July 15, 2024, and prepare to enjoy!

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