Self-Proclaimed Christ Who Reportedly Brainwashes Followers To Abandon Their Education And Abuses Them Sexually, Arrested

A self-proclaimed Jesus Christ, with real name, Roland Samuel, who reportedly brainwashes his followers; 300L, 400L students in various universities to abandon their education and abuses them sexually, has reportedly been arrested by NSCDC officers.

Facebook user, Anazodo Echezonachukwu, who narrated the story wrote;

“At last, this bastard and beast was finally caught.

This paedophile and sexual pervert by name Roland Samuel sexually and psychologically abused all these victims in this picture.

Amongst these victims are fellas who were in 300L, 400L in various universities.

They withdrew and followed this bastard who successfully brainwashed them into believing he is the recent “Christ” and cannot commit sin.

He usually engages all these victims in anal sex with an assurance that their sins are forgiven because they are living in “grace”.

Evidences of his teachings are intact.

On this particular occasion, his victims went to eat at a restaurant known as mama put and didnt pay.

When they were asked to pay, they replied that their father in heaven owns everything.

Parents, this guy starts off as the CEO of Soundmind lesson centre in Kosofe Ketu Lagos. He folded this up and alleged that Christ has called him.

Please, be wary of your kids and their place of learning and where they go at all times..

He caught them young and manipulated their mind. The victims are currently in rehabilitation centres as some of them are ready to kill for him.

Luckily, about two already made a confession to NSCDC officials. I pray this bastard is locked up forever and the keys thrown away.

I shall update this news as I have more to say. ”

Self-Proclaimed Christ

Self-Proclaimed Christ

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