”The incessant harassment and political intimidation of perceived “enemies” and leaders of opposition by the present administration is becoming worrisome, especially when viewed from the point of the venerable Deputy Senate President, his principal and other outspoken patriotic Nigerians who dare speak out their minds.

How do you explain the unending executive rascality and weight-throwing targeted at the DSP since his fellow distinguished colleagues overwhelmingly voted for him with the blessings of God, who is the final arbiter, to continue piloting the affairs of the upper chamber alongside Dr. Bukola Saraki?”
These were the opening salvo from the speech delivered by Dr. Bernard Oshi, the President General of Igbo Indigenes Without Borders, at a joint parley organized by his socio-cultural organization in conjunction with Okpara Igbo Congress, on the way forward for the Igbo Nation in the face of the incessant killings and mayhem being unleashed by armed marauders in some sections of the country.
In a speech titled ‘Ike Ekweremadu: A Renaissance Igbo Leader,’ Dr Oshi who is also the Chairman of Ben 10 Equipments Inc. and Ben 10 Entertainment decried what he termed “the dreary colour and texture of the brand of politicking currently in vogue in our polity.” He announced in an emotion laden voice strong with conviction and patriotic underlining that “the politics of calumny, harassment and outright intimidation as presently practiced by the incumbent government can only take the country back to the stone age;” averring that “for Nigeria to play in the top league of the comity of nations, we as a people must learn to support and vote into power, leaders with impeccable track records, proven leadership qualities, tenacity and sincerity of purpose like Senator Ekweremadu and men and women of his ilk.”
The packed hall of the joint parley which held In Lagos on July 26, was practically moved to a joyous and euphoric rapture when the man known to his friends, family and associates as Ben 10, gleefully intoned that “Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Ikeoha 1 (translated as The People’s Strength), is the Leader the Igbo Nation has been waiting for since the demise of the irreplaceable and indefatigable Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Ikemba Ndi Igbo! Ikeoha is that Igbo son proud enough, sound enough and solid enough to step into the big shoes of Ikemba! Not just because he is the highest ranking Igbo political officer holder today, no,it is because he has got all it takes to take Ndi Igbo to the promised land!”
continuing in the same vein, this upwardly mobile youth and acclaimed philanthropist from Ndiagboh, in Aninri Local Government Area of Enugu State, vouchsafed the character and personality of the Deputy Senate President who he tips as “the favourite and easily marketable frontrunner for Aso Rock, when the turn of Ndi Igbo comes to produce a president in the nearest future”, positing that “the time has come for Ndi Igbo to jettison the destabilizing attitude of intra-fighting and vindictiveness whenever opportunities arise for us to produce credible candidates for any elective or selective office in the country.”
Recalling how he played a major role in the enthronement of the first Christian Governor from Southern Kaduna in the person of the Late Patrick Yakowa, as Kaduna State Governor against all the odds thrown on Yakowa’s path, some years ago with the instrumentality of entertainment which his company powered, he revealed that “when a people decides to make a change, they put aside their real and/or perceived differences and forge ahead as a people, a unit; in order to achieve their collective set goal. That was exactly what Southern Kaduna Christians did in association with those of us who were born and bred in that city: not forgetting some sympathetic and forward thinking Northern Kaduna Muslims and a spattering of its general citizenry and residents! We all rallied around Yakowa and the rest like they say is history! This is a lesson we need to imbibe as Ndi Igbo”
Harping on the shameful events of July 25, 2018, and its aftermaths, he posited that “the people have spoken and no amount of intimidation and harassment can stop the ship of a united and purposeful Nigeria from sailing come 2019 general elections. A good number of members of the National Assembly have towed the line of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, which incidentally is the same stance of majority of Nigerians, that enough is enough, and the time for purposeless governance is coming to an end!”
While calling on some politicians who he christened “incompetent analogue leaders to relinquish power to digitally synchronized and dynamic leaders in the mould of the Ikeohas of this country for the betterment and total upliftment of our common patrimony,” he also appealed to “all the members of his organization, Igbo Indigines Without Borders, to remain steadfast and resilient in their different chapters scattered around Nigeria and the diaspora; for a better Nigeria is possible!”
In conclusion, Dr. Oshi applauded the activities of Okpara Igbo Congress in working for the good of the Igbo nation, while calling for a concerted effort amongst other socio-Cultural organizations in Igbo Land in charting a new and practicable course for Ndi Igbo all over the world.
When asked by newshounds about the stories making the rounds that he is nursing a political ambition and is been prompted by his people to throw his considerable weight and hat into the political fray, the amiable Nwakaibeya of Ndiagboh, retorted jocularly that “power comes from God, and my political future or absence of it rests in the hands of my people, and ultimately with God, the final arbiter!”

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