Séx Tape Scandal: Miss Cameroon 2nd Runner-up Séx Tape Leaked

A sex tape of Miss Cameroon’s 2nd Runnerup, Prandy Noella has circulated on the internet. According to reports on social media, the video was leaked by Noella’s ex boyfriends’s girlfriend.

From what we know, the model was in a relationship with Hans (the guy in the video). Noella and Hans, later on, ended the relationship and went their separate ways.

The guy allegedly started dating someone else shortly after. Later on, his girlfriend came across the sex videos made by her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend Noella. This lady then decided to use this as an opportunity to blackmail Noella.

Noella’s ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend demanded for 1million FCFA or the videos will be circulated online. Unfortunately, Noella couldn’t meet up to the demands of her blackmailer, reasons why we now have the videos all over the internet.

The Miss Cameroon 2nd Runnerup sex tape is currently trending on WhatsApp and on Telegram.

Here are some images:-

The beautiful Miss hasn’t made any official statement since the incident 😢

Though many social media users feel pity for her, others are still coming at her for ruining her reputation. Others are suggesting she takes legal action against the lady who leaked her sex tape.


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