SHOCKER! Frustrated Jobless School Leaver Commits Suicide In Imo; See How It Happened

On Monday, disaster struck at Umuofor, Umumumo people group in Ehime Mbano Local Council of Imo State, when a 25-year-old, school leaver, Chigozie Igwe, hung himself in his family house.

The perished who was said to be jobless, dropped a suicide saying the world has been fiendish to him. The note left by his bedside read, “pass on, kick the bucket, pass on. Give no body a chance to sob for me since, I am sick of this underhanded world.”

The late Chigozie, it was accumulated was disappointed in the wake of leaving optional school quite a while without securing an occupation.

Neighbors who were near the expired, said he had whined agonizingly few days before the occurrence that his sufferings were excessively and deplorable.

The expired’s mom, Mrs. Antonia Igwe, said in the midst of nipples, “Chigozie, is it the way you left this world? Keep in mind that you have conferred an evil entity and you will go to the most exceedingly bad piece of damnation”.

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