Stella Damasus Opens Up About Being Emotionally Abused By Her Second Husband.

Actress and talk show host, Stella Damasus, penned down on the emotional times she went through in the hands of her second husband.

Sharing the photo below on her social media page and disabling comments, Stella shares how she concealed an emotional trauma she had at the time, with a smile and confident outlook but deep down inside, she was hurting.

Stella Damasus Opens

She wrote:

#TBT to this photoshoot I did in my house in 2009. Isn’t it crazy that what the world sees in this picture is a happy, smiley and confident Stella but up till today, no one knew that just before I came downstairs, I had cried in my bedroom because of ‘my man’ at the time. I had scars but they weren’t visible. Domestic Violence isn’t always physical, it can be mental and psychological. Verbal abuse can be just as deadly as physical abuse. Click on the link in my bio to read my full article about STRIPPING MYSLEF NAKED #DomesticViolence #VerbalAbuse #16DaysActivism #Photography #Photoshoot #ThrowbackThursday #StellaDamasus #Actor #NYC #USA

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