Stop Comparing Port Harcourt Entertainment with Lagos Entertainment and Focus on Entertainment by Ethrice Ekpen

For some time now all we hear on social media its all about comparing Port Harcourt entertainment industry with that of Lagos instead of everyone focusing on what they both have in common “Entertainment”.

Entertainment everywhere in the world has the same principles and got the same ending which is reaching out to the final consumers in this case “Fans”. Every collaboration with another artiste should be able to boost your music career in a positive way and for any artiste that has done this i think is a good music strategy.

A lot of people don’t understand the business and so they think all Record Label do is to sign an Artiste produce music for them and start making money of them. Its high time we wake up to the reality and face it head on. There are lots of talents untapped and if they are not guided will end up learning from the bad ones.

Music is part of entertainment and not only entertainment, why do we all talk baselessly over things we have no accurate knowledge of. Hear this, some artiste were fortunate enough to have blown, it does not mean they were good or know what they are doing. An Artiste that understand entertainment gets better as the day pass bye and not the other way round that is very prevalence today.

The truth must be told and in other for a lot of up and coming artiste not to regret their part they should study the market and choose their part. For you to sell in entertainment you must be innovative, creative and do things that no one has done before not copying what is trending or doing things because others are doing it.

Let those that have ears hear this and let those that don’t ignore it but one thing is certain in 5years from now a whole lot of damage would have been done and the wrong person will be blame for the mistakes you made today.

God bless all entertainers
God bless our fans..

Ethrice (Eone Records)

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