Unspoken Truth about Entertainment

How many Artistes are Signable?How many bloggers are professionals in blogging field?The real truth about Promoters?Recently there has been a lot on the media about Artistes and Labels but the most disheartening thing about it is, People coming up to speak about it based on sentiments and little knowledge they think they have.Entertainment is a business and so should be seen and respected as one. When a business deal is signed by two partners or more, there are a whole lot expected by parties involved and their efforts determines how quick they get the desire results.The people that should ordinarily advice this same Artistes or Record Labels CEO’s are the same people rushing online to post False News either to gain recognition or reason best known to them. A whole lot of them are regretting now in silence and all they can do out of Pride is still trying to push ahead by Posting more unverified stories of a Brand that has made its name based on reliability.When you call yourself an Online Publicity Personnel, the first and foremost thing that make you one is “Good sizeable Reach” of daily online users. But where after a week post you cant even generate a reach of 1000 online Users out of over 200million people living in Nigeria alone then your profession is questionable.How long can we keep asking and requesting for people to pay for our services that we are not willing or believing enough to invest in Ourselves?. To whom much is given, much is expected.Now For those saying online that a Label doesn’t have a name or has made name through an artiste I have some questions for you:1. Why will a right thinking super star acclaim sign a deal with a No Name Record Label and was Repping same Label?2. How come you guys don’t start questioning Press Release of an Artiste that has just been unveil by a Record label until there is a problem?3. What actually do you know about the Record Label, Artiste and the Deal signed?4. Why is an Artiste that is already popular going under an umbrella he or she is bigger than?Professionalism ethics advised that, not until you have your facts and have weigh them don’t talk about Issues.No body wants to have anything to do with media personalities that are quick to judge others wrongly without Facts and this alone explains why a whole lot of them are struggling in the industry after a decade of doing the same thing the same way but expecting different results.In all honesty they are some issues that should be ignored for Time to answer but an ignorant unprofessional media persons jump into it and starts fooling about and killing their career more instead of focusing on building it.If anyone in the Entertainment Industry thinks he’s more needed, then such persons should have a rethink because we all need each other if we must grow like our counterparts in the other world.The good news is, in Entertainment you don’t Need Everybody you only need the Right People in the Right places at the Right time.Kill your pride and support crafts that you will be willing to beat your chest and say that you supported tomorrow.Seasons Greeting to you all from EonerecordsGood bless you all as we go into 2019.#WeBurstTheirLogoSign Ethrice

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