Virgin Nigeria Reality TV Show

Over time, we have been concerned about discovering talents, building models, exploring and exploiting human potentials in all ramifications especially amongst our youths.

Yes though; but what about our moral values which is sacrosanct and indispensable in the building and sustenance of our society to behold?

The Virgin Nigeria Reality Tv Show is a completely moral driven content specifically aimed at re-awakening our consciousness towards integrity, honour, decency, discipline and all known veritable attributes of moral values among our youths.

There is no two ways about it; If we get it right with our youths right at their developmental stages, then we are sure to have a virile, productive, fruitful and indeed a very decent society.

This programme is specifically to encourage our children to remain celibate, concentrate on building and developing themselves optimally before having thoughts or engaging themselves into sexual activities and marriage.


There shall be an open on-line registration. A selection process shall take place by our team. Those eligible to be selected must be from 18 years and above. After the selection process, the youths shall be brought together in our virgin house. While at virgin house, various tasks bordering strictly on discipline, integrity and moral capacity building shall be variously assigned them.


Selected suitable Africans across board, human development and capacity building organizations as well as all relevant bodies and establishments in regards to this initiative shall be invited to interface with these youths, share their experiences, engage them variously in educational, psychological, mental and physical discourse, and sufficiently equipping and instilling in them a high level of discipline, motivation, and moral values that would inspire them to actualize their life ambitions and aspirations.

By the awareness imparted into these youths through this reality Tv Show, it shall obviously too, become a platform to campaign against all Sexually Transmitted Diseases and not only that, this platform, shall through the lectures and awareness inculcated into these youths, equally serve as a check and reduction in the high rates of teenage sexual immorality in our society which the resultant effect is usually unwarranted pregnancies and subsequently cutting short the future dreams and ambitions of our youths.

Log on to http://virginnigeria.tv

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