Watch Video Of Beach Were people Are Allowed To Be Completely Naked And Do Anything That Pleases Them

Do you know there is a beach somewhere in the world where men and women walk openly nakeady and do all sorts of things?

Wreck Beach is an internationally acclaimed 7.8 km long Nudist beach, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, making it North America’s largest naturist beach. Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Wreck Beach is easily accessible for visitors from over 150 countries, and generates over $60 million in tourist revenue annually.

Due to the easy access from Downtown Vancouver, it is popular with all ages including families . It is also the busiest beach in Canada and during the season, we have average of between 12-14,000 visitors daily.

Naturists believe that body acceptance is the idea and that nude recreation is the way. In order to protect our precious environment, everybody needs to respect each others by NOT taking photos basically and NO PHOTO beach. Who is up for some summer time?!


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