Who is more blessed?: Cossy Ojiakor vs Roman goddess (Photos)

All women are created with distinct features that separate them from men. These features  also play a huge part in arousing the opposite S3@.x:’. There are different shapes and sizes particular to each individual, so when we see a set that literally is the shape of two big round balls, our attention is fixated on the gloriousness.

Cossy Orjiakor is a Nigerian actress known for her endowed bosom. She is never ashamed to show the world what she’s blessed with.


Roman goddess is a social media celeb who is a self acclaimed mistress of all trades. Bot endowed ladies are proud of their body and don’t hesitate to flaunt all that goodness After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.
You decide who wins this battle of the S3@.x:’iest frontage, Cossy or Roman goddess?
1. Damzel in black
2. Mami in black
Cossy in S3@.x:’y photo
3. Duo
Cossy vs Roman Goddess
4. Ring the alarm
Roman goddess flaunting her blessings
5. Blonde and big
Cossy gone blonde
6. In your face
Roman goddess is style inspiration of the day
7. Red and hot
Well packaged Cossy
Who is more blessed?

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