“You’re Full Of Sh*T” — Singer, Simi Blasts Ladies Calling Dorcas Fapson A Liar!

Singer, Simi has also reacted to Dorcas alleged kidnap/rape issue.. The singer has bashed folks especially ladies who are criticizing Dorcas even after she released evidences, that showed an “alleged attack”.


Simi tagged these set of folks as “people with bullshit mentality”. Here’s what she wrote;

“I don’t know what kind of bullshit mentality will cause someone to watch those videos and decide to talk trash abt Dorcas. I don’t give a shit abt the details that u have a problem with. U’re full of shit. Especially if u’re a chic and decided to bash her. U’re full of shit!”

Then she continued: “I’m not asking anyone not to believe what they want – but nobody was there but the 2 of them. If someone is in trouble, this will only drive them to keep it to themselves. Don’t drag anybody for filth, cos u were not there. It is wrong. Even if don’t want to hear it, it is wrong!”

This is coming after Adekunle Gold aired his own opinion on Twitter, and of course supported Dorcas.. But he has since deleted his tweet.

Gold initially wrote; “When someone narrates their ordeal these days, they get bashed and judged and you wonder why people don’t speak up when they are in trouble? I am reading comments on a blog; people abusing Dorcas for making the story up, other animals saying she’s proly dressed indecently. SMH. What happened to us really?”

Then he deleted the above tweet and shared the below;

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