Watch Shocking Moment Popular Pastor Chris Okafor Struck 65 Year Old Woman With Blindness For Tying Her Daughter With Sickness

Popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okafor, has gone viral after a video of him striking a 65 year old woman with blindness after accusing her of witchcraft surfaced.

The general overseer of Mountain of Liberation and miracle ministry, Pastor Chris, was conducting a deliverance section and he called out a lady suffering from the issue of blood for six months named Blessing.

He said God ministered to him that Blessing’s mother named Dorcas was responsible for her child’s sickness. The 65 year old woman denied and the pastor asked God to blind her in ten minutes.

Soon after, Dorcas went blind and confessed to inflicting her daughter with the illness. She was prayed for and her sight was restored.

While many think the pastor played a Nollywood role by trying to be popular, some think he is truly a man of God sent to heal thousands.

Watch video below;


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